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Biographical Notes on Robert Roche
Categories of Works - Mexican and Peruvian Indians, Rural South and Dust Bowl, Amish and Mennonites, Famous Americans, People of New England, Thoroughbred Racing, Still Life
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Farm Father

Farm Father


Rural South and Dust Bowl

Robert Roché's first one-man show in 1949 at the Frank K. M. Rehn Gallery in New York comprised realistic paintings of the Rural South, of which the "Farm Father" is a major example.  It is above life-size (heroic size), and is painted in the so-called expressionistic manner of his work during this period.

his painting epitomizes the hope, spirit and aspirations of America.  It was painted in Carter County, Oklahoma, between Wilson and Long Grove (outside of Ardmore).  The other painting he has representing this period is that of a "Young Sharecropper Woman", shown below
"Ella", is a portrait of a young black woman from Charleston, SC.
Young Sharecropper Woman Ella

Young Sharecropper


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