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Biographical Notes on Robert Roche
Categories of Works - Mexican and Peruvian Indians, Rural South and Dust Bowl, Amish and Mennonites, Famous Americans, People of New England, Thoroughbred Racing, Still Life
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Robert Roché, sketched and then painted a series of Cat pictures some of which were used to illustrate a Mark Twain book entitled 'The Birds and Beasts of Mark Twain', a compilation of Mark Twain's animal stories.

The Cats depicted in these illustrations were done 'from life' on  the Roché farm.

Mother Cat and Kittens.

Other categories of animals that were drawn, or painted were assortments of wildlife, owner's pets, or, as another example, some of the animals in the New York Central Park Zoo.   

Tails Up

Cats Playing

These four Cat and Kitten paintings were made into quality prints, and packaged  together in a portfolio of prints entitled 'Cats and Kittens'





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