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Biographical Notes on Robert Roche
Categories of Works - Mexican and Peruvian Indians, Rural South and Dust Bowl, Amish and Mennonites, Famous Americans, People of New England, Thoroughbred Racing, Still Life
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obert Roché, has always been a quiet force in the world of Art

He was discovered and recognized very early in his career by the most important dealer in American Art at the time, Mr. Frank K. M. Rehn.  He gave Robert Roché his first two major one-man shows in 1949 and l952 at his New York gallery.

Rehn also represented Edward Hopper, Charles Burchfield, and Reginald Marsh among others.

- at left - Pennsylvania Coal Miner -     
Paintings of Thoroughbred Racing, Notable Americans such as Eleanor Roosevelt, Harry S Truman, Amish, Black, and Peruvian (Peru) people        

Until 1964, Roché simultaneously maintained three studios at the same time; one at his home in Connecticut, a large studio by Central Park, N.Y.C., and a studio room in a mansion in the Georgetown section of Washington, D.C.

In 1964, he left  New York and moved his home and studio to a 200-acre, 18th century farm in New Hampshire. In 1965 he opened his beautiful new studio which had been transformed from the old carriage house. At this time he quietly withdrew from the public at large and concentrated on his private clientele, nationally and internationally. His works include portraits of such notable people as President Harry S Truman, Eleanor Roosevelt, among others.

He spent the next fourteen years doing his own paintings and varied commissions. The farm and studio were featured in many publications and were quite well known. 

However, as time went by a decision was made to move to a more convenient location, closer to Boston, and the farm in Maine was acquired. The New Hampshire farm was sold to Lord Victor Rothschild's family.

From 1979 to 1995 his studio was situated in the Old Custom House in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. In 1995 he moved his studio to his farm in Maine, where his work continued.

- at right - African Man, from life -

A portrait of the "Farm Father" - a fine example of the works of American painter Robert Roche

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